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Pregnant Women Often Have Nasal Congestion, This Is Possible Cause

There are various complaints that are often experienced by pregnant women, including nasal congestion. Although common, this complaint can be annoying. Come on, find out the possible causes and how to overcome them! In addition to nasal congestion, complaints that are often experienced by pregnant women include frequent sneezing and nasal discharge. Medically, this condition is known as rhinitis during pregnancy (pregnancy rhinitis). Causes of Nasal Congestion in Pregnant Women Rhinitis in pregnant women generally occurs due to hormonal changes. One hormone that has increased is the hormone estrogen. The high hormone estrogen then causes the walls of the respiratory tract to swell and trigger more mucus production. In addition, circulation of blood flow also increases during pregnancy, including in the nasal arteries. This condition makes it easier for pregnant women to experience nasal congestion. Rhinitis during pregnancy can last about six weeks or more. This condition can o…